Building Up To a Big Change

Frogs- Proof that change is possible!

Much of my social life has been built around booze and trips to pubs. I enjoy trying new wines and beers, I like getting squiffy- in short I shall be giving up a lot.  So, not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s about weighing up pros and cons and it now feels like I’m in a relationship where it used to be great but has now gone sour-it’s doing me more harm than good- so it’s got to go. It will be hard.  It also has to be a journey that’s more than just about giving up alcohol. It’s about discovering new ways of being, of socialising, of drinking liquids that are great but non alcoholic. My world is about to change. Alcohol has been my “friend” for nearly 50 years and losing her will feel like a bereavement, but one of us has to go and I don’t want it to be me!

As I shall be starting on my journey in a fresh way I thought I should start a new blog, so if you have followed me on “Sweet Poison” or stumbled across this and want to follow my new journey please join me; I’d love the company and also your insights and advice. I hope that if I stumble across some new insights/strategies/surprises along the way these may in turn prove useful in some way to one or two people out there.

All scary but exciting stuff for me anyway. I aim to stop drinking on 2nd September. I will post a couple of pieces on here about my preparations and a little bit more about why I have taken this decision. On a broader front I want to look at why we all find it so difficult to make the changes we know we should make but which often elude us. That’s maybe for next time.

Just a nice picture of some flowers- why not

Thanks for stopping by and I’d welcome your company on my new journey. I hope it is going to be transformative.

Jim x

7 thoughts on “Building Up To a Big Change

  1. habitdone

    Welcome back. I think a bunch of us have gotten to that point. “the downsides are stacking up as bigger than the upsides.” Yup. My feelings too. Building up for change is good. May your preparations bring you success!!


    1. dealingwithalcoholdependency Post author

      Ah thanks. Nice to know someone’s out there. Just checked your last post and I can see some similarities. Well done on your exercise routines. Next 3 weeks will be my long goodbye to drink. Definitely mixed feelings but I know it’s time.


  2. Dana Pescrillo

    I am here to cheer you on! I’m still struggling to stop 100%, stops and starts, stops and starts, but the stops are longer and more frequent, which is good. Change is good! Best of luck, I believe you will do it this time!


  3. sobrietytree

    Oh I loved this… I also love that you include the blogging process. Basically I can relate to every single line of your post.

    “I love it – the taste of good wine […]. Indeed in an ideal world I’d love to carry on drinking – but….. the downsides are stacking up as bigger than the upsides. It’s simple- I’m not good at moderating, the ill effects are increasing and I’m tired of thinking about when, what, how much I should drink, the hangovers […] I want to be free of that but it comes at a cost.” — well said, and that’s the reminder I think I needed to hear.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, which enabled me to find yours… really grateful. Wonderful to have a fresh (to me) voice, and another kindred spirit, in the reader view


    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Ah, thank you for your comments and finding kindred spirits is a key thing for me. It’s a complex process this giving up and I’m realising there are layers and sub stories which is becoming quite interesting and revelatory. I look forward to delving more deeply into your blog. Thanks again for your feedback.

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      1. sobrietytree

        Complex, layers and substories… that’s exactly it! And I too find it is so much wrapped up in blogging, oddly, I guess because writing is a passion, and so is finding connection with other souls… yet also needing space to discover my own true thoughts

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