Newsflash – Angry Al Hacks Jim’s Blog!

Hello blog tarts or whatever you readers of blogs call yourself. I’m bloody angry. That Jim, he’s a bastard and a coward. I knew he would make off as soon as I came round. What a shifty two faced shit bag he is. This is his blog I suppose? “Life Beyond Booze” indeed. What a joke. The man has lost all sense and reason, and, he’s a snivelling traitor I’ll tell you that. You know he didn’t even have the courage to tell me face to face that our friendship was over. I heard about it on another “blog.” 45 years I’ve known Jim, stood by him, been with him through thick and thin and this is how he treats me, discarded like, well like an old beer can. That’s not how you treat your friends is it?

I’ll tell you something else, Jim won’t last 10 minutes without me. Nope. In fact he’s nothing without me and wouldn’t be the man he is today without my guiding influence. For one thing I reckon he’d still be a virgin but for me. I remember him as a shy, insecure nerd incapable of getting off with girls. Once I came along he’s suddenly Mr, “Hello there what’s your name,”rubbish lines, but said with a conviction and confidence. He actually got laid unbelievably but only because of me.

Maybe my new advertising campaign?

And I suppose he’s forgotten all the good times we had together. mad nights singing in the streets, telling rude jokes at fancy dinner parties, dancing as though he was a chicken on steroids. All down to me. Now he’s suddenly come over all self righteous and thinks he is going to improve his life and his health. What a joke. With me people laugh more, relax more, enjoy life more. That’s got to help people lead a longer life hasn’t it? What could be better for your health than gallons of wine. I tell you I am a gift from God, I’m loved around the world, you’ll see me on every street corner so why on earth would he throw all that away.

I blame you lot out there. Yes you, you smug bloggers, putting foolish ideas into Jim’s head. He’s going to end up throwing away the best friend he’s ever had. Girls have come and gone, friends have moved away , some have died. The only real constant in his life has beenme and now he wants to throw it all away. You’ve twisted his thinking. Well I hope you lot are happy separating a man from his best friend.

You know what though? I’m not going to go away. I know Jim must have been led astray. There’s no way he would suddenly reject me after all these years without someone, and yes, I mean you again, influencing, nay brainwashing him. Sober = Boring and Jim is going to find that out. I’ll stick around. I am calming down a bit now. I’ll stay on the sidelines, I won’t say anything but I’ll be there, always just in sight. he won’t be able to avoid me, always hovering with my tempting array of wines, beers and spirits. Eventually he will come to his senses, he won’t be the first to try and life without me and he won’t be the last. I’ll just bide my time and when the moment is right, I’ll plonk myself right at his side and offer him the comfort and pleasure that only I can provide. Then you lot will see who’s boss.

Yes, that’s it, I didn’t need to get so agitated. I’ll let Jim get this sobriety nonsense out of his system and he will come running back to me begging for forgiveness. You wait and see. If you see Jim, you can tell him I popped by. If you don’t no worries, I’m pretty sure he’ll be knocking on my door pretty soon anyway.

Cheers and salut

Al Cahole

(The man to see for some deadly serious fun!)

16 thoughts on “Newsflash – Angry Al Hacks Jim’s Blog!

  1. sobrietytree

    Al, dude, you actually seem really insecure, bullying and bossy and not really that much fun at all now, that you’ve shown us your true colours, so to be quite honest I think Jim will be a good sight happier without you, most of the time anyway! Sayonara très soon buddy! You gonna be Audie 5000 G!

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      How rude! I can see where Jim gets his rebellious attitude. It’s Jim who’ll be insecure without me to rely on. People love me I tell you, just look at all my advertising; I’m desirable, fun to be with and oh so popular. Anyway doesn’t bother me if Jim does leave my tender clutches, there’s plenty more we he came from.

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      1. sobrietytree

        Very creative, Jim. 😂 But as my grandpa used to say, it’s mind over matter. That could probably extend to “mind over Al Cahole.” Btw have you ever read This Naked Mind? Sorry if you mentioned it in your blog already and I forgot… anyway that book is really good with arguing with the likes of your frenemy Al. Hugs xo n/stl

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      2. Jim Simmonds Post author

        Hi and yes I have read this naked mind. It’s really good but I find it a bit black and white and a little evangelical which is a danger when people with a problem with alcohol give up. I always remind myself that many people I know have a sensible relationship to alcohol, I just recognise that I’m not one of them. Long term I want to look at what is it in our society, our inner landscape , that makes so many of us so insecure, frustrated and unhappy that we reach for alcohol and so many other forms of solace. It seems there’s a general malaise, somethings not right and alcohol abuse is a symptom of that. Sorry, just sat on my high horse.

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      3. sobrietytree

        No high horse…that makes sense. I definitely found it evangelical too, and sales-pitchy-ish as well… but personally I had been feeling (and journalling about) a lot of the same truths she writes about in that book, so for me it all seemed to just be confirmation. It’s good you’re exploring the roots, I think that’s key to success. I’m still figuring things out, and I think I probably always will be, or at least, I will if I’m successful at this endeavour for any length of time.


      1. Nelson

        That’s the spirit. Things are well with me, thanks. My greatest challenge is to keep taking the Antabuse, but a lot better than white knuckling it to stay away from the bar…


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