Music- My Salvation?

Now here’s a funny thing. A revelation. In this blogI’ve been going on about my alcohol dependence and the problems associated with it and getting ready to stop drinking from this coming Sunday. It has seemed to me that alcohol has dominated many areas of my life and I’ve relied too much on it. But this was the revelation I have just had- except when it comes to music. This fact only struck me this morning as I started practising for an open mic night which I agreed to yesterday and which takes place on Thursday evening. The first thing I did when I agreed to perform was cancel meeting up with a friend for lunch (another stop on my long goodbye to booze). I need to practice and when I play and sing I NEVER drink!

I need alcohol sometimes to quell nerves and anxiety but I never drink prior to or during a performance. Simple reasons- it affects my voice and I make mistakes if I drink so whenever I’ve had to do music or drama based activities I cut right back on my drinking. Over the years this must mean that I have drunk far less than I would have done without having music in my life. I also prefer listening to music without booze flowing through me firstly because being an older guy I’d be fighting to get to crowded toilets every 15 minutes and most importantly music just sounds so much better sober.

So thank you music. You have helped reduce my intake over the years and shown me that you can enjoy life without booze, I’m just amazed that I hadn’t really appreciated that until just now.

My cherished Epiphone – I love you man!

Jim x

4 thoughts on “Music- My Salvation?

  1. ceponatia

    Wow, I’m exactly the same! I actually gave up music 15 years ago because it interferes with drinking but it sounds like you’re going the opposite way which is great!

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  2. Addy

    That’s an amazing realisation and useful. Maybe you should increase your involvement with music to decrease the stranglehold booze has had on you. Maybe you could join a band or a choir or music group of some sort, so that – with many practice sessions – your week becomes full of the need to stay sober. I am sure that will help. Even if you are swapping one addiction for another, music will not kill you!


    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Well said Addy. I used to be in a band and recently I started playing again with another chap whose has just sold his small brewery and knocked drinking on the head altogether. That should be good for me.

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