The World’s Gone Mad- And I wasn’t Going to Mention Brexit!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – although the original Tweedles were cute and cuddly

Nothing to do with alcohol this quick post except to say that if anything was going to drive one to drink it would be the antics of these two jokers.

The UK can now proudly say to our brothers and sisters in the USA that we have a leader that’s just as mad and dangerous as yours. Bonkers Boris is going to prorogue or suspend parliament just so he can get the crazy (excuse me, I just want to shoot myself in the foot) no deal Brexit through parliament without our elected politicians being able to have a say. Nice democratic work Boris!

Despite this I am still going to stop drinking on Sunday.

Should I keep politics out of this blog?

Nah. I want to be able to say to any grandkids I might have – no I didn’t take to the streets kids but at least I ranted against the madness on my sobriety blog!

Ok – I feel better now- I’ll go off and write a proper post now.

Oh and if I’ve upset any right wing, fascist, mysoginists out there- GOOD!

4 thoughts on “The World’s Gone Mad- And I wasn’t Going to Mention Brexit!

  1. Dana L Pescrillo

    I’m reading away, and just had to say, Trump is a big joke (in my opinion). I don’t know much about Boris, but if he’s anything close to Trump, God help you!


    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Hi Dana, Boris has learnt stuff from Trump, how to lie brazenly knowing your core support will stick with you, casual rascism and misogyny, all pretty depressing stuff. Give us some leaders we can look up to and respect!



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