A Poem- Why not?

Not much to say today- Day 4 doing well. I thought I’d write a little poem instead. Not Shakespeare, granted, but at least it’s mine.

Bye Bye Booze

I drank like a fish as my life flashed by

I sang and I danced while the wine it flowed

Many a good time was had I am sure

And several good pounds to friends are still owed

As years rolled by the good times they did change

Now clutching my guts with a throbbing head

My ex friend the drink he deceived me well

To leave me alone sweating fear in my bed

It’s time now to leave, to show him the door 

My watery companion, pretence seen through

There’s a life to live, emotions to feel

His time I’ve cut short, nothing promised came true

Jim – September 2019

5 thoughts on “A Poem- Why not?

  1. Stacy

    Yes. This is good. You are a good writer. Perhaps, the wine had been a tool of the dark side all these years to keep you from your destiny. I wonder that about myself. Oh, of course, it was me and my own desires that poured the glass, but I think the devil did take advantage of those desires. He hasn’t left me alone yet, but let us keep substituting what was gifted within us to fight the battle of our addictive nature. Eventually, we will be free from our bonds that tie us to unproductive hours and shameful mornings.



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