3 Months – Thank You Bloggers!

New territory for me. 3 whole months living alcohol free. Now officially the longest I have gone without booze in 45 years. I will pat myself on the back and say well done.

“Well done Jim.”

It’s good to be proud when one achieves something but it’s also smart to remind myself that it’s still relatively early days but already there are significant changes that make me optimistic. I’ve negotiated some difficult social situations; pubs, meals out, visiting friends etc. I have ridden the anxiety of not having a drink at weekends ( my particular area of greatest struggle) and I’m slowly seeing that there is life and fun away from booze.

So all good and yet I know, 100%, that I would not have reached this particular milestone if I had not started blogging. Writing things down has really helped me crystallize my thoughts and helped me articulate why I’m choosing to do this. But it’s not that that has been the real help, it’s the other bloggers sharing their stories on their blogs and taking time to offer support and encouragement with their comments. I have pointed this out before but who cares, I’ll say it again, the support from the sobriety focused blogging community is phenomenal. It’s unconditional and effective, oh and unlike most things in life, it’s free!

Now when people start giving out thanks there’s a danger of leaving someone out but I’d rather take that risk than not mention just a few of the people that have genuinely helped me. Anyone reading this and thinking “I need some inspiration and support” could do themselves a favour and read some of the following blogger’s stories. I’ve actually dipped into many blogs over the past 4 months but the ones you gravitate to are the ones where there is resonance, where there is some meeting of minds. This is the great thing with blogging, the variety, you find the people that you can relate to and that will be different for different people.

Where do I start? I know. Wendy at untipsyteacher . Years of sobriety under her belt, a fellow teacher Wendy is just pure positivity and support for others. She’s done it, been there and shows that giving up booze is not the end it’s the beginning. The other blog which I remember from a couple of years ago is Addy’s at alcoholicdaze. Addy is like a mother figure for me. She tells it like it is. She has seen where full blown addiction leads and shares her story so that others can change before it is too late. Her story and her loss always stuck in my mind. It made a difference. Then we come to Nelson. Not everyone succeeds with sobriety and it’s particularly difficult the more advanced the dependency. Nelson reminds us that it is tough, it can be a struggle. Nelson shares that struggle and I’m sure he knows that one day he will get there and his fellow bloggers will always be there for him. In this community there is no failure, just “pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again.”

Lime twister at moderatelysober has just completed one year sober and for me those stories of achieving longer periods AF are inspirational. There’s always the struggle but also the successes. The same with functioningguzzler, who manages to convey positivity no matter what life throws at her.

Now if Addy is my mother figure, Wendy my eccentric, lovable aunty, then Dwight at fadedjeans is the wise compassionate granddaddy (of course a metaphor and not a reference to Dwight’s age😉). He constantly supports others and drops in little pearls of wisdom. Lovely stuff.

Completing the family would be Anne at nomorebeer2019. Sorry Anne but you’ll have to be cast as my daughter figure. I feel very close to Anne because we started our journeys at the same time and being competitive there was no way I was going to let her win this giving up alcohol game. Anne articulated many of the feelings I also went through but she started her journey against a really difficult emotional backdrop. Suddenly my minor obstacles seemed inconsequential.

Then there’s Nadine at sobrietytree. I can’t put Nadine into a neat Jim category so I’m not going to try. What I will say is she started before me but made it feel like we were starting together. Nadine showed me that it’s OK to open up, express ALL the emotions, that sobriety is also about acknowledging what has been lost as well as gained. Her’s is a nuanced picture.

Another blogger I must mention is drgettingsober. Her blog is important to me as I too work in a helping profession and she has the humility to express her struggles. She demonstrates to me that helping others doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes need help and support yourself. We are in this together and mutual support is the name of the game.

Finally I want to mention a couple of newbies, Clairei47 and Lia at nomorenomore. Lia I remember from a previous blogging adventure. She really helped me decide to give up from reading and communicating with her and the favour has been returned by her deciding to quit recently and I’m now able to offer some support back. Similarly Claire is now at two weeks and gaining so much I think from the support of many of the people I have already mentioned.

So there we are. I’ve only mentioned a few of the many bloggers that have helped and inspired me to get to 3 months. This blogging community is real, it’s authentic and it works. Like others I have sometimes gone “off blog” and communicated directly with one or two people and that brings a whole new level of support and virtual friendship.

Please forgive me if I’ve not mentioned the many other blogs that I’ve looked at and been inspired by but this post is already too long and I’ve got breakfast to prepare. So please take this as a thank you to all bloggers who take the time to share and to support others. Bloggers are a great bunch. Long may it continue.


Jim x

29 thoughts on “3 Months – Thank You Bloggers!

  1. clairei47

    What a really lovely post Jim. You have captured people perfectly and I am honoured that your ‘sober family’ have welcomed me with open arms. In two weeks I have already had so much support from them, and of course from you. I owe you all so much.

    To you personally – massive well done!!! You are nailing this sobriety thing day in and day out. 3 months is an amazing achievement and you bloody well should be proud. Big treats today 😁
    Claire x

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  2. functioningguzzler

    Congratulations on the 3 months!!!! That is freakin awesome I am so very proud and happy for you. Wow what an honor Jim, thank you so very much. I love our sober family on here and just like you I doubt I would of made it this far without you all. xox

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  3. sobrietytree

    What a fabulous post…. and I am beyond honoured to be named in it. As usual, Jim, you say it like it is. Yes it is so very very challenging to make a gratitude post that lists specific bloggers/people without accidentally leaving someone out. I have tried on various blogs and felt like I failed too many times to count. But you’ve done it in perfect style as always. I especially love that you mention Nelson. (And of course if I wasn’t on it I would have beat you over the head. So well done. 😉😂😁) And omg congrats at 3 months!!!!! That is major. Par-tay. Rock it out Major Jim. 🎸🎸🎸🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🎂🎂🎂❤️🧡💛🔥💥⚡️

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Thanks, yes I did want to mention people but struggled with the fact that you can’t mention everyone like you say. But I realised none of us bloggers have big egos do we 😉 so no problem. You of course are number 1 of my favourite rock star looking French based bloggers. 🙂 Jim x

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      1. sobrietytree

        Yes! What Anne said! And that was exactly my intention when I started sobriety blogging – to join/form a support group of the kind I couldn’t access in my local IRL community. It has been wonderful. :)) xoxoxo


  4. drgettingsober

    Thanks for the mention Jim – it really does mean a lot 💞 your blogging family is pretty similar to mine and I love and value all of them too. I think it’s like the best bits of group therapy on here. Really well done on 3 months! 👏👏👏👏👏You sound in a really good place and that’s so inspiring 💞💞⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  5. Untipsyteacher

    Yay Jim!
    Thank you SO much for your kind words!
    I know my first 3 months were full of crazy, mixed up feelings, as I tried to negotiate the holidays and stay sober!
    But you are doing it! I try to think of it as a fun thrill ride! Lol
    However, I only go on the baby ones!

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  6. Dwight Hyde

    Congratulations on 3 months, Jim! Climbing out of an unhealthy worn rut is no easy task and as you know those first few months you use all the courage, determination, and faith you’ve got. I applaud you!!!I’m right there with you that this community support is incredible and helps hold us up daily. We definitely feel the love, motivation, and support from you too. Keep rocking it! 😊

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  7. nomorebeer2019

    BAHAHAHA Fine, daughter figure it is!!! But watch out, kids always end up being rough competition for parents once they’ve passed the 50 year old mark ! 🙂 To be honest I was half expecting to be left out of the list because I’ve been so absent these last few weeks… That you’d mention me and still include me in your blogging family means a LOT Jim ❤ It washes the guit away and makes me want to come back "home" and start blogging regularly again. Alsoooo, the parallel between this blogging family/community and group therapy that you mention to Drgettingsober in the comments higher up really struck me … I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! This blogging stuff isn't about one person addressing themselves to an undifferentiated audience, it's about a group of authentic individuals communicating with one another and establishing a network of support via sharing experience, hope and insight. WOW 🙂 It feels really good to belong. Thank you so much Jim. xxxx Anne

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  8. Jim Simmonds Post author

    Hi Anne
    That last bit you wrote: “ This blogging stuff isn’t about one person addressing themselves to an undifferentiated audience, it’s about a group of authentic individuals communicating with one another and establishing a network of support via sharing experience, hope and insight. WOW 🙂 It feels really good to belong.”
    That says it all and I’m slightly annoyed that I’ve not put it in those terms myself. Damn Anne you’re good.
    I think WP should take that quote ,pay you royalties (split 50/50 with me of course) and have it as their company motto! It is brilliant. Put that in your next blog – that’s an order😀

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  9. Lia

    Bravo to you, for staying the course, for inspiring others, for sharing your journey, for being generous with your support to me and others! More reason for me to not give up, as I’d like to be like you (who I think of as my slightly older brother) who happens to be from a father of English decent! LOL! But truly, thank you for the mention. xo, ll


  10. Addy

    Thank you, Jim. Your “Mother” appreciates your kind comments. I am chuffed to bits that you have managed to stay AF for this long and made a personal record. Congratulations! You are doing so well and, by the sound of things, appreciating your new life and overcoming obstacles. I’m immensely proud of you, Son!



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