Piss Off Christmas

Thank God that’s over. Celebrating the birth of a dead Palestinian who talked about selflessness, living a simple life and love by stuffing our faces, getting pissed and using up precious world resources; do me a favour!

Anyway hope you all had a lovely time!

I feel sorry for Jesus having to see his name taken and twisted in the way it has been done. He would have been outraged. Presents? Yeh ok give something to the poor kids whose parents have to rely on foodbanks and can’t afford presents or who get themselves into debt trying to give their kids something. Food and drink? Well there’s plenty of people out there who would love a decent meal once in a while. Booze? Really!

Let’s face if Jesus were around now he’d be writing a sober blog on WordPress and joining protesters on the street.

I think next Christmas (is it too early to start planning?) I’m going to redefine Christmas. This year I had to do Christmas the way others think it should be done. No more. I don’t want to spend a week eating huge amounts of food and watching people get pissed and me feeling bored. Of course I want to be with family and friends but “being” can happen in better ways than this gross out binge fest we currently call Christmas. It needs some thought.

Others have commented how being sober is actually a form of rebellion in the same way that drinking used to be. I think that is spot on. The expectation in my culture is that you should drink, you need to drink, events and places are centred around drink but no more. To rebel means defying expectations, to create new forms and practices, to say that there are different alternative ways of being.

Sober rebellion, the irresistible rise of The Soberistas, that’s going to be my 2020. Bring it on baby!

Jim x

28 thoughts on “Piss Off Christmas

  1. clairei47

    ‘The rise of the Soberistas’ eh? D’you think they’ll make a film about us? Can I be Rey? She’s pretty damn cool.

    I was thinking exactly the same about next Christmas. I’d like it to be different somehow. Break the ‘traditions’ and, yes, rebel a little. Maybe this sober thing is turning me into less of a people pleaser!!!! What a lovely thought.

    Bring on next Christmas 😂
    Claire xx

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Film would be pretty cool 😎, agreed. And you can be whoever you want to be!

      And yes traditions are just patterns of behaviour that have been around a long time. New traditions have to start somewhere! What might your new traditions be ?😀 Jim x

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      1. Nelson

        Hey Jim. I’ve had a rough 10 days or so, but am pretty much clear of it now. Back on the wagon in the next day or so (I don’t do New Years). Thanks for asking! Take care.

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      2. Jim Simmonds Post author

        Hi Nelson, I remember reading your posts a couple of years ago when I was doing a different (trying to moderate) blog. I know it’s been a real up and down journey for you. I also know you are determined to kick the booze once and for all. Maybe 2020 is the year it happens. I hope so, you deserve that freedom and peace. Jim x

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  2. Dana Pescrillo

    Agree with you 100%! Like Wendy, Christmas has become more of a non-religious holiday to indulge; I have to say, I did eat too much. Next year, I want to go away and enjoy peace and quiet during the holiday. As for your sober rebellion, you go Jim!!

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  3. nomorebeer2019

    holy guacamole Jim, you basically said out loud (ok, typed on keyboard^^) what I laboriously meandered around in my own Xmas post, worrying that I would come off as self-righteous or patronizing. And you said it PERFECTLY, word for ford. THANK YOU !!!! I am 100% with you on all of this. Our world has gone a bit crazy with the mindless selfish excess, and I simply can’t partake with a clear conscience anymore, it just feels wrong. For 2020 I am going to follow your example and work on saying what I really think and not give a f****k about other people’s opinion. Soberista rebellion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx Anne

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Glad someone feels the same. I wrote that quickly and worried it might be a bit strong or offensive but sometimes you just have to write what you feel regardless. Looking forward to seeing how you progress in 2020. The September babies have done well 😉 Jim x

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  4. sobrietytree

    “Let’s face if Jesus were around now he’d be writing a sober blog on WordPress and joining protesters on the street.” 😂😂😂👏👏👏

    Wonderful Jim. To me you’re the new sober Santa. 😉👌

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