What to say…..

Ok others have done it, so I’ll do it. A short post just to flag up that I’m still around. I haven’t posted because the posts that I drafted seem so ridiculously irrelevant. Also I can’t work out whether this crisis is turning me into a misanthrope or a lover of this strange species we call human. One minute I’m railing against the greed, selfishness and profiteering of some only to be gladdened by the selflessness of others. That’s humanity I guess, capable of wonderful acts of kindness one minute and appalling selfishness the next.

Overall I’m hoping some good will come out of all this like a collective wake up call.

If you destroy habitat and mess with nature as we do,don’t be surprised that we unleash these animal based viruses. Also let us hopefully rethink the cost of globalisation, unfettered air travel, inequality, access to healthcare and other big questions. For me it’s fascinating that in times of crisis even right wing governments can become quasi socialists. Boris and the conservatives are undertaking the biggest incursion into the private sector ever seen here in the UK. That’s good!To maintain cohesion our government has to act in a way that goes against all their principles and that’s also good. It’s almost as if they know that a society based on the idea that we need to put the collective good ahead of private profit is a rational way to organise society. Now that’s a thought and might be worth a post.

Stay safe everyone. Jim x

Oh – because this post became a bit serious and we all need a laugh, please have a look at the YouTube link below. If you’ve run out of toilet paper it could be just what you need!


23 thoughts on “What to say…..

  1. nomorebeer2019

    holy shit you are right ! I had never thought of the fact that because ” in times of crisis even right wing governments can become quasi socialists”, this suggests that collectivity-based politics DO in fact seem more rational than savage capitalism, even to those who criticize them the most. wowowowow that’s such a great argument, I’m going to go and rub it in everyone’s face – oh crap I mean everyone’s social media accounts 😉 xxx Anne

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  2. Untipsyteacher

    Same here in the states, Jim with our right wing friends all of a sudden embracing some left wing ideas. I know everything I want to write, really does seem trivial.
    One thing I noticed, I feel better after I write my feelings. I might decide to write, but not post.
    I am glad you are ok. Mr. UT and I are good as well.
    Big Hugs,

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  3. drgettingsober

    Good to hear from you Jim – I was worrying about you I have to say so was about to do a ‘has anyone heard from Jim post’ but I’m an over anxious bugger at the best of times let alone now! I too am hoping that this is a wake up call for us all – Mother Nature holding a gun to our heads, and yes we’ve gone more socialist in a week under the most right wing gov ever it’s astounding and the amount of community action is also heart warming amongst the real fear and angst that we are not going to be able to cope NHS wise and the loss of lives is going to be heart breaking. Take care and keep posting 💞💞

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Hi, I’m really touched that you were worried about me. I never really considered that as a possible reaction to not blogging for a while but that’s me underestimating the depth of connection in this community. So thanks, I will keep tabs on here. The drinking issue seems inconsequential at the moment but the need to connect and maintain relationships is probably more important than ever. Jim x

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