I don’t want to go to the bloody pub!

Lockdown is winding down in the UK. Hurrah! I can play walking football from Monday, I can meet my sons outside. I can have friends over for a BBQ. But what am I regaled with on the telly night after night? Pubs! Wall to wall coverage of pubs; pictures and videos of pubs, shots of beer taps lining shiny bars, pub owners relishing opening their doors, interviews with people saying how they have booked tables at pubs for the next 3 months. The coverage gives the impression that all of us are just drooling over the prospect of going to the pub and downing pints- and if you’re not then you must be plain weird! Far less coverage has been given to the thousands who have developed alcohol problems over the course of the last year. That’s not such a nice image.Oh no skip that one, next ad for beer please.

So, I for one am not looking forward to pubs reopening. Good luck to those who are but sitting round for hours watching people get either bit merry/very merry/slightly pissed/pissed/trollied(London expression I believe) or completely wasted (except for nominated driver who has to pretend to enjoy this spectacle) is no longer my idea of a good time.

Since giving up I’ve realised I can talk absolute garbage, be silly, lark about all whilst being absolutely sober. I don’t need a drink to be bonkers and have a good time, amazing; and had I realised this years ago I could have saved myself a fortune. Still I hopefully have a few years of playful and childish behaviour ahead of me. Last week I met up with my two boys and their mother. We met in a park (pubs closed ) had a picnic and played catch/rounders/ frisbee/football/walked. No one drank as most of us were driving. Afterwards we all agreed it was a lovely day. Maybe because we hadn’t been able to meet up for months or maybe it was not drinking and doing something other than sitting around a pub table downing pints. Interesting, even my sons noticed that!

Just had another ping whilst writing this – pubs opening up tomorrow near me- arghh – it doesn’t stop. I know. I have the answer. Someone out there please give me a million pounds so I can open a pub called “The clear head” or “sober as a judge” and I’ll be a pub stocking all The AF drinks and mixers, delicious mocktails, incredible coffee, all sorts of teas and maybe one beer and bottle of spirits for the desperate ones who can’t face a day out without their fix. They’ll be games and music and activities. Now that’s a pub I would look forward to going to tomorrow.

Jolly sober Jim X

12 thoughts on “I don’t want to go to the bloody pub!

  1. clairei47

    I have no desire to go to a pub either except ones in really pretty locations where I can sit outside in the sun, taking in the view and having a cup of coffee ☕️. You day with your sons sounded just perfect. So many of my days out were centred around drinking, we seemed to forget to focus on anything else! Nice post Jim x

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  2. Sandra P.S

    ¿Un pub donde sirvan tea y, supongamos, que se pueda tocar en directo? Where do I have to sign? I want to join in this project! I know the perfect guy to play a guitar and make us spend a good time hahahaha.

    Honestly, I regard you as a wonderful role model for you sons. Who knows, maybe the next time all you meet up together again, they want to repeat something like that. Marcando un precedente.

    And who knows, puede que empieces a hacerte experto en mouth-watering batidos and coffee. I would be glad to taste one!! I can take over the cakes and biscuits to help you in the new pub hahaha.

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      Ah Sandra
      At last a comment from sunny Spain. Thanks. A perfect example of Spanglish! Muchas gracias! Not sure my alcohol free “pub” would do much business in Alicante- you love your beer and wine too much!😀

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      1. Sandra P.S

        Well, yes, you’re right. I love them. However, my favourite place is, curiously, a little café called “The Sweet Case”. In its menu there are cakes of different flavours, teas, coffee and milkshake.
        The decotarion is a combination between modern and vintage. Also, there are second-hand books in case you wanted to read something. The atmosphere is so cozy, charming and relaxing.
        In Spain, people always speak so loud, I’m aware of that but, in this place everyone speaks whispering.
        And, oodly enough, it’s very popular between young people! Everyone loves it. I could say it’s the must stop when people go out with their friends.
        So…. no deberías descartar la idea tan pronto. En España se lleva mucho el “tardeo” y desde hace un tiempo no se suele empezar con alcohol. a excepción de los viernes claro hahahaha.

        Yo le veo futuro.


      2. Jim Simmonds Post author

        I like the sound of “the Sweet Place” and interesting that it is popular with young people. I also have to point out that your English is very good, I’m sure you are going to do well in your upcoming exam. Buena suerte.😀x


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