Monthly Archives: July 2021

Goodbye for now

This is a short post to say that I am going to stop posting but I will keep what is currently on my blog out there because I know a few people have found one or two of the posts helpful. I’m stopping for the simple reason that, for me, the blog has served its purpose. I don’t drink. Nearly two years and the blog and the blogging community played a massive part in helping me quit the booze. I can no longer summon up much enthusiasm for writing about something, sobriety, that now is just part and parcel of my life; and there’s nothing worse than maintaining something when your heart is no longer in it.

I feel a little guilty in that having gained from the support and comments of others I am now effectively not giving back but new people have come along and there’s plenty of inspiring people out there. I am keeping the blog open as I know from some emails that people have found some of the posts helpful and if anyone wants to get in touch I am happy for them to do that by email at

I aim to start a new blog under my real name that will have a wider remit. What I shall do is make a commitment that if I did start drinking again I will come back and report that on this blog. So no more posts will signify that I’ve stayed off the booze or I’m dead, either way they’ll be no alcohol in my body.

So for now adieu. If you’re someone starting out on sobriety and have stumbled upon this blog, please read the many great blogs out there around quitting, and the ups and downs of making that decision. Deciding it’s time to quit means you know it’s something you have to do, but it’s tough especially in the early days but the bloggers out there show it’s not only possible to quit , but also that there are so many advantages and positives to quitting. So final words; start the adventure, quit, you’re not alone and you won’t regret it!

All the best

Jim X