Hi, my name is Jim, well it’s Jim as far as this blog is concerned.  I want to be able to write freely and openly about my relationship with alcohol as well as many other topics and I want to do that in a way that will not impact adversely on work, friends and family hence using the pseudonym of Jim.

I am a semi retired professional having worked in the fields of education and social work. I operate as a solid, dependable member of society but hidden away was a reliance on drink which I have spent a lifetime disguising.  Friends and family would say I was a heavy drinker when I did drink but I was always been careful to ensure that my drinking did not interfere with my professional life.

As I have become older my relationship with drink has become more problematic. Two years ago I started a blog (sweet poison) which was my attempt at moderation rather than abstinence. Mixed fortunes on that but I came to the point where I have decided to give up the booze completely. It’s been an issue for too long and frankly I’m bored of wrestling with it and having it dominate my life. I’ve had some great times with alcohol but now it’s doing more harm than good. Giving up will be a massive change and a challenge for me as it is for countless others who have tried. Rather than carry on with the old blog site, I need a new zero point, a fresh start. My aim is to start my total abstinence from 1st September. I hope documenting my journey may help others.

Jim x