I’ve Given up Sex!

Ok that title was a cheap, cheap stunt to grab your attention. This isn’t really a post about sex, well only as a metaphorical allusion, but before you trudge off with a grumpy face having missed out on a bit of voyeuristic titillation stay with me a while and let me explain.

I was looking for an analogy to giving up the booze and surprise surprise- sex appeared. Those of a nervous disposition should turn away now.

Let’s begin by forgetting booze for a moment. Let’s suppose I’d become addicted to sex.

For a short, disturbed while imagine Jim as this over sexed, dog like human, always on the look out for his next sexual encounter,(Suffice it to say we are in the realms of both metaphor and fantasy here). Poor sex addicted Jim, sniffing the air for pheromones, flirting shamelessly, looking at his Tindr app every few minutes. Poor man; one shag a month used to satisfy him then it turned into needing sex once a week and soon his sexual hunger got out of control. Soon he found himself needing some form of sexual activity every day. And Jim tried them all; you name it he’d tried it. Friends noticed his haunted expression, his lack of interest in anything unconnected to sex. Things were getting desperate. His sexual addiction was affecting work, family, even his grocery shopping, where one day he found himself after a grocery shop with no basic provisions but several salamis, kilos of plums and the store’s supply of figs. Things were indeed getting out of control. Women would challenge him, “Why are you talking to my breasts Jim!?” His self esteem lay in tatters. Sad, pathetic old Jim was losing the little respect he had left. Guilt and shame followed him round like the shackles on a convict. He had reached the bottom (stop it!)

Are there really men who do this? (Answers on a postcard please)

So Jim started a blog “standing tall- reclaiming my pride” but clearly was still being affected by sexual connotations. He went cold turkey, he knew he couldn’t moderate, he would have to give up the thing that for so long had given him such pleasure, he was going to have to give up sex!

At first it was easy, he found other like minded sex dependent people through his blog and shared their stories of how they were coping with a life without sex. Yoga was very popular but all that tight fitting lycra and body posturing just acted like triggers for poor old Jim. Then Jim was told about cross stitch and knitting. It was heaven. Jim would spend hours doing cross stitch and sex became the last thing on his mind. For months Jim stuck to his goal- no sex, no pursuit of sex. He thought he had cracked it.

And yet… As time wore on, Jim was surrounded by images and references to the thing he had given up. Everyone seemed to be having sex and enjoying it. Some appeared to be happy to have sex just now and Jim realised he could never be that way. Then Jim began to think fondly of his early adventures with sex, those innocent days of clumsy fondlings with Susan from the convent school when he was 17 but deep down Jim knew there was no going back.

Has anyone else written a post which they wish they hadn’t? This is mine I guess but I’m sure there’s a message in her somewhere and at least the psychoanalysts out there can have some fun dissecting this. Suffice it to say giving up something you enjoy is hard- but when it does you harm (hopefully unlike sex) it really is so much easier to say goodbye to it.

Jim X

25 thoughts on “I’ve Given up Sex!

  1. clairei47

    I nearly couldn’t read on when I got to “Jim as this over sexed, dog like human, always on the look out for his next sexual encounter”! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or refer you to a specialist who deals with such things!! I decided laughing was the best option. Nice post sex addict Jim. Ps. yes, some men DO really do that!

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    1. Jim Simmonds Post author

      I did write this mainly in the middle of the night so may have been having some strange, mixed up dreams. An Italian woman told me she found that English men talk to the boobs a lot- strange! I, of course, would never be so Neanderthal X

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  2. jacquelyn3534

    This was a great post to read! You crack me up in this entire blog, yet deliver common ground with sobriety in the end. I laughed at your grocery store choices and finding about cross stitch and knitting…”It was awesome!” Perfect morning read and yes with a header that made me do a double take! 😂


  3. Sober Veg Mama

    First thing I’m reading this morning, and laughing as well. You’re so creative. I’m beginning to think of alcohol more as one would a gluten intolerance – other people can really enjoy it, and I can too while I’m putting it in my mouth, but it makes me feel like shit after.

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  4. gr8ful_collette

    Oh my! Interesting comparison…and so well developed, haha. Next time my husband complains about me being sober I’ll tell him he’s lucky I didn’t have to give up sex. 😂 He never does by the way…complain that I’m sober, that is. 💕

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